We are active within the Statups Ecosystem as organizer, mentor.

Join us at Copenhagen Meetups :  Open Banking and Open Startups
Mentor: Founder Institute Copenhagen

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Ycombinator resources

Udacity – How to Build a Startup Course

Investor Pitch Deck, Template, Business Pitch

Valuation, Term Sheets, In Plain English

Shareholders´ Agreement – SHA: Dillution , Board Seats, Tag Along, Drag Along, Option Pool

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Attracting and inviting the investors
How to build your Community

Join us at Copenhagen Meetups : Open Banking and Tech Starups : Mentor team – Founder Institute Copenhagen

Google Search : Startup Denmark

Statup Lectures, Talks:
Youtube : serch for  “startup”
YC’s Standford Lectures – How to startupUdacity – How to Build a Startup
Peter Thiel – How To Start A Startup
Eric Ries: “The Lean Startup” | Talks at Google
Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha: The Startup of You
YC Events

Top Growth Hacking Resources and Tools


Startup Funding:
Youtube – Kauffman Sketchbook – “Money Game”
Youtube – Startup Funding Explained

YC :
Book: The lean startup
How to get startup ideas
Startup = Growth

Kauffman Sketchbook – “Entrepreneurial Mindset”

Eric Ries
Reid Hoffman
Peter Thiel
Paul Graham: 1 , 2
Sam Altman
Steve Blank

Open Banking

Danish TV: So ein Ding- mobilbetaling


Startup Funding Explained: Everything You Need to Know

Startup Contracts Explained: 5 Risks You Take

How to negotiate a term sheet – Startup Basics

Pre-Money Valuation: How to Calculate It